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Bollard (Removable, Locking)

This 4.5″ Diameter x 52″ Tall Bollard has hi-tech capabilities to allow for removal and locking. The stainless steel receiver plate allows the locking tab to retract when the steel bollard is removed for safety and to provide a clean appearance with no tripping hazard. The receiver/cover plate can be removed for cleanout or internal parts replacement. The base receiver includes a drainage tube to prevent water infiltration and freezing of the locking mechanism (padlock not Included).

  • Materials Steel Tube with Stainless Steel Ground Plate (See Specification Sheet for Complete Details)
  • Model 950070

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  • Powder Coat
  • John Deere Green RAL#6002
  • John Deere Yellow RAL#1018
  • Teal RAL#5021
  • Bengal Silver
  • Brown RAL#8017
  • Sand RAL#1019
  • Grey RAL#7040
  • Chestnut RAL#8019
  • Kubota Orange
  • Forrest RAL#6005
  • Royal Blue RAL#5005
  • Matte Black RAL#9005
  • Sky Blue RAL#5012
  • Red Barron
  • GS Green RAL#6018
  • White RAL#9010
  • Gloss Black
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Surface
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