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How are your bike racks performing?

By knill

Secure bike parking design has improved in the past few years and there are more cyclists than ever. This might get you thinking about whether your area bike racks need an upgrade. Today we’re sharing five things to look for when evaluating how your bike racks stack up.

1. Do your bike racks support the bike upright without putting stress on wheels? Remember those old wheel-benders they had at your school!

2. Can your bike racks accommodate a variety of bikes and attachments with enough room for e-bikes, fat bikes and cargo bikes?

3. Do your bike racks allow for locking of the frame and one wheel with a U-Lock?

4. Do your bike racks provide security and longevity features for the location? Shelter from rain and snow would be awesome too!

5. Are your bike racks intuitively designed? Artsy racks are great as long as cyclist know how to identify them!

Get in touch with us to learn more about secure bike parking solutions for cyclists in your community.

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