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8 Bike Parking Considerations

By knill

Whether you’re providing short-term parking (3 hours or less) or long-term parking (3+ hours), there are a number of considerations to keep in mind.


Secure bike parking should be installed near a building or property entrances.


Bike racks should be visible from the road or bike path, and not in an isolated area.


Ensure the user can comfortably maneuver around their bike to lock and unlock it.


Bike racks should have ample space around them to avoid collisions with other cyclists or pedestrians.


Bike parking area should be easy to access from the cycling route.

Weather Protection

Bikes and bike accessories should be kept dry and out of the elements.


Bike parking area should be well lit, free of hiding places and in view or video monitoring.


Space should allow maximum capacity for bikes and be expandable.

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