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How You Can Design a Bike Friendly City

By knill

Have you ever driven downtown and thought “I could probably bike here!” There are so many benefits to grabbing your helmet and hopping on your bike. Not only is it a great way to save on gas, biking is crucial to fostering an eco-friendly city, not to mention it’s a great way to stay in shape!


Some of the most successful, healthy, and eco-conscious cities have implemented proper bike strategies that bring their town to life, and it prompted us to write this blog and create the statement: offer bike solutions, and they will come. 


A lot of European cities have built their infrastructures around public transit and bike lanes, making their city streets more pedestrian-friendly. However, it can be hard to create similar city plans to towns that were designed for cars, but with creative thinking, and proper products, better bike solutions can be implemented in any major city.


Here are some tips and products to help get you started on making a Bike First city strategy.


Make Temporary Bike Lanes

During the heart of the pandemic, many cities made temporary bike lanes to drive traffic to local shops and businesses. “Research from the University of Toronto suggests that the pandemic bike lanes improved access to jobs, parks, and stores. Cycling advocates say the changes should be made permanent and expanded further.” If your city has not tested this theory out, it is a great and cost-effective way to see if offering more bike lanes would be beneficial to your community. 


Provide Proper Bike Parking

Access to public bike parking is absolutely key to creating a more bike-friendly community. Whenever you drive in your car there is no doubt in your mind that there will be parking. Not only will there be one spot, but multiple to choose from within a walkable radius of your destination. Cyclists should be able to have that same experience, and the best part is, a bike rack or bike parking room is a much more cost-effective solution than a parking garage! 


Give Cyclists The Tools for Success

Cobbles, potholes, and rough roads can be very damaging to bicycles as they can puncture, bend or even flip a wheel. Our Bike Repair Stations come in a variety of styles and are extremely convenient for bikers on the go. By giving cyclists tools to fix their bikes on their route, the more likely they are to continue biking and feel confident in their ride.


Canadian cities may not be fully equipped with the European, cycling first infrastructure, but with the right products, and a proper strategy that keeps bikers safe, the more we can continue going towards a greener society.


Have a question about our products? Want to discuss how our products can boost your town’s cycling infrastructure? Contact us to get a personalized quote today!

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