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5 Tips To Ensure the Right PSI for Bicycle Tires

By Kat

Whether you are using a Greenspoke Repair Pump or your own bike pump, staying on top of your air pressure is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your bike. One week is enough time for air to gradually seep out of a bicycle tire and risk future flats. Also, low air in the tires can cause a bike to operate poorly and endanger your safety.

Here are some key pointers on keeping your tires pumped:

  1. Use a manual pump with a pressure gauge to ensure correct tire pressure and avoid high pressure air compressors designed for automobile tires.
  2. Read the embossed PSI (pounds/square inch) recommendation on the side of your tires.
  3. For fatter tires (35-55 PSI) stay near lower number for trails or if you have older tires. You should lean toward the higher PSI range for road use.
  4. For narrow road tires (90-120 PSI), you should stay near the lower number on hot days or the higher number for high performance and maximum efficiency with newer tires.
  5. Learn how to change a bike inner tube (it takes practice) and carry a small pump, spare tube and tire levers. This video walks you through the process.

Happy tire pumping and stay safe out there!

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